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This was super-cute, thanks for making and sharing it!

this was so good! i love the music and the room changing colour was great! i felt kind of sad u could talk to any of the living dead bc i kept trying in hope someone had something to say xD but i loved this so much! and the ending was so great! i love how it seems all spooky and then u find out its a party :D

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[This comment has spoilers for anyone reading this before playing it!] 

Hahahaha, I was listening to the music and I was like "this sounds more like a club than a haunted house. And then it WAS a club.  I'm so happy. I love the changing colors. That was a happening party.

Thanks!! Glad you liked it!


i love how hectic this is. the music really ups the tension, and the color changing effect you did (switching rooms?) really added to the atmosphere. very clever. 
cute twist too!