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Going through old hard drives, I stumbled across some old audio rips from a few extremely obscure or unreleased games. I didn't see them listed or posted anywhere else online, so I thought I'd upload them here.

Game Info:

Transplant Night

It's this cinematic platformer/hidden object-style game about a sentient transplanted arm that claim to be a former cop and asks it's new owner for help solving a case involving a death cult. At the end it turns out the arm is a giant liar and it actually belonged to the leader of this cult who allowed himself to be split apart to try and find a better body after they fell ill. So the player was just one many potential 'vessels'. Originally in Development there was a bad ending, but it was cut before release. It was an odd game, with a talking hand, a cult that wore light-up shoes & wore masks that used light and sound to make people go crazy, to an action-packed boss fight in an otherwise dialogue-heavy game against a buff cultists with a full-sized speaker for a head!

Shadow Honor

This was one of those frustrating 2d action platformers with some stealth elements. A sci-fi game about a modern ninja getting revenge after a corporate merger leads to their clan being wiped out. The game itself was pretty fun, with enemies you could sneak up on and a lot of verticality in the levels.


Ported over to consoles after a short-lived arcade run, it was a sci-fi top-down shooter. a pair of space truckers go on a quest to clear their name after corrupt cops try to blame them for the cops' crimes. They're accompanied by an agoraphobic hacker who lives vicariously through an attack drone an an alien monk searching for a serial killer who might be from their sect. It was interesting for the the time because of the varied playstyles for each character and the emphasis on teamwork

Furious 2144

Some sort of Jet Moto clone. Doesn't look like it was released. I couldn't find more information. It seems the file I had had a lot of placeholder & unfinished music that was mainly in place for setting a tone for the game.


All of these tracks are actually from various scrapped projects or just music I've made over the years. They've been sitting around, so I finally decided to release them so others could find some use for them.

You're free to use them in whatever project you wish, but please credit me in some way, maybe even continue the narrative by having some like:

 'music from <fake game name> ripped by thatguynm' 

or whatever you wish.

Please feel free to donate if you want to support more things like this.


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Oh man, I haven't thought about Astraline in YEARS!  That game was such a Quarter Muncher!  I could never get past that part in Mission Two where you had to use the Drone to Navigate the Air Ducts of the Police Complex and rescue the Monk.  I wish I had thought because the track for Mission Three was funkalious.

I've only played it via MAME so I can't imagine how rad it must have been in an actual arcade. 

Yeah, that part was all about timing and making sure someone (or the computer) was quick to defend the ventilation controls.