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You, a sorceror, have stolen an ancient book and awoken its demonic beetle guardians. Now like others before you must escape with the book, using the magic within to aid in your success. The beetles must to protect it, the beetles will destroy anyone who dares take it. The beetles want the book.

Beetles Want The Book is about a person with a spell book fighting large beetle demons. The book allows them to transform into various things.

Players use the keyboard to input words or phrases then press enter to perform spells and transform into various things. The game was designed so it could be played with one hand, as such it's a slower-paced platformer.


ARROW KEYS: move, jump

KEYBOARD KEYS + ENTER: type and execute spells.


This was originally going to be my Ludum Dare Jam entry, but I missed the submission deadline due to having a busy weekend and various bugs

Please leave a comment below if you want to tell me what you think or to report an issue.

More information

Published342 days ago
StatusOn hold
Tags2D, GameMaker, Magic, Puzzle-Platformer, Short, typing
Average durationA few minutes

Install instructions

Download the .zip,
Extract the .exe,
Open the .exe and play


Beetles_want_the_book- (2 MB)


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10/10 great falling over broom animation