In Galactic Privateer, you assume the role of a space pirate under contract with the local government. You spend your days profiting from the woes of others, fighting other pirates, destroying enemy battle crusiers, and ensuring the safety of offworld colonists.

  • Zoom through the vast glory of outter space in stunningly realistic digitized graphics
  • Steal supplies, fight armies, and fend off swarms of drones with the most advanced combat fighter
  • Upgrade your ship for maximum manuverability and combat potential

Created for the Crude Graphics Jam. #crudegraphicsjam. The game is inspired by crappy, digitized Mortal Kombat clones from the '90s that tried too hard to video game.


-ARROW KEYS are used for player movement & navigating menus

-Z,X,C are used for various interactions. X shoots.

-ENTER is used in menus for selecting items.


As always, if you have any comments, criticisms, or find a bug/glitch, feel free to hit me up on twitter (@thatguynm)


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there is a problem with arrow keys when I hold them too long the page scrolls up n down which distracts and makes it hard to see