"Every 10, ele-ven years or so,
Some-time after Christmas it does show.
A spectre of the rem-nant holiday cheer.
A rule-bound ghast after things we hold dear!

Through the forests at night it roams,
A mani-fested form made of parts un-known,
Stalking every of the town's homes.
With each door opened, a bat-tle is born!"


The keywords were:


So I went full-on dumb fun with it. I hope you like it.

NOTE: This was built with an experimental build of Bitsy, so some things may be broken, or otherwise might break. If you run into any issues, please let me know.

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Tags2D, Bitsy, Christmas, Comedy, Funny, Halloween, musical, rap, Spooky, weird


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hee hee, this sure hit those prompts right on. Still figuring out what exactly I just played :P

Also now I want to hear someone actually rap all this dialogue


this is fantastic 😍✨


hahaha jughead really got me



is the game supposed to end when you build a house?


There's supposed to more to the end after a character sprite gains sentience, makes themselves the player-character, and builds a house. But for whatever reason Bitsy just decided to stop printing text. 

The only thing that's really missing is:

"There we go. {PG} Alright, player, hope you had a fun time and a great day!

SPR b"