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Tags1-bit, Bitsy, Driving, snow


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really pretty! the car view is fantastic and i really enjoyed the ending art


just wow


The first-person look for the car ride is really gorgeous -- really exploring the limits of what can be done with Bitsy. That said, the interface is somewhat clunky.  It wasn't immediately obvious how to 'steer' the vehicle.

After reaching the part on foot, the room designs become truly inspired! The environment has plenty of subtle but intuitive visual clues to orient the player without having to use walls. 

The footprint effects were a wonder to discover! 

Not sure if it was an intentional design choice but I love it appears like the avatar is a person trudging through waist-deep snow. 

Another contextual effect: I played this right after your Midnight Jam entry, so I was expecting a similar tone shift -- in this case, towards survival horror. Just something about the stillness and isolation of the setting gave it a foreboding mood. I was pleasantly surprised to learn it was just a contemplative stroll.