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After years of searching, failure, and pain...you finally reach it: the gateway to other dimensions. Anywhere in space and time is now within your grasp. Or so you believe.

Your expedition crew is far more skeptical than you are. Their betrayal in motion the moment you disappeared into the inner chambers.

A cave in has trapped you in the temple. Your oxygen is running out. You can only hope the stories are true.


This game is a short walking simulator made for the Haunted PS1 Wretched Weekend 1  Due to the game crashing my computer on first build (I know why, it's my fault, I fixed it) and having to reinstall Unity so I could build to MacOS, It was never able to be submitted to the jam.

Made using  my Lo-Fi Texture Pack


WSAD - move

MOUSE - look

Does not require any precise movements or jumps.


RealityTempleV1.5.zip 18 MB
Reality Temple MAC.zip 22 MB


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Any chance you can make a PC version? Or port it at least?

Very interesting little game, loved its graphics and atmosphere


Thank you so much for the video! Glad you liked it.