Called by a mysterious voice to your childhood home, uncover the secrets that haunt the house and make it out alive in this Bitsy3D horror-adventure.
This is a simple test for a nice first-person B3D template, which you will be able to drop your game data in. Works on both desktop and mobile (since it's Bitsy).

UPDATE: Don't make a 3d bitsy game the old ' uphill in 6 feet of snow' way I did. Check out the new Bitsy 3d Editor!

Currently Includes from Sean's collection of Bitsy hacks:

  • 3d Hack
  • Dialogue Portraits (useful for talking characters and inspecting items)
  • Dialogue Choices
  • Solid Items
  • Exit From Dialogue
  • Jump to Dialogue

Not everything is implemented in the game, but is available if you decide to use this file as a template for your next 3d game!


Important Note:

This game allows for limited camera control and 8-way turning.

Click& drag on the game screen to move the camera.

Movement is possible with the arrow keys (as in a traditional Bitsy game), but you may run into camera issues. Using WSAD for movement is more stable. 

When using a touch screen, swiping on the non-game areas of the screen will move the character without moving the camera.

If you encounter camera issues:

ON DESKTOP: using the mouse to click & drag on the game area allows you to readjust the camera

ON MOBILE: tap, hold, and drag on the game area to adjust the camera.

Install instructions

Unzip an open the html file. Also works on mobile!


That House 613 kB

Development log


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really cool! pretty creepy stuff. tired so didn't follow perfectly but that was still enough to keep me interested. i do wish i could strafe though :OP


Is it possible to add Sound Effects?

With the right Bitsy hack, yes!

wtf that it

I just discovered a game-breaking bug that causes a janky, cliffhanger ending. I'm going to upload a fix soon.

If you mean in terms of the scariness of it, then yeah it's not too scary.