A downloadable game

Get lost in a series of dream worlds, explore.
Made for the Emulated Dreams Jam
WSAD - move

SPACE - jump

Mouse - look around

ESCAPE - wake up/exit

Controls can vary slightly depending on the area and its tone.

If you find you find yourself trapped in a dream, you can press the Escape key to wake up. Once back in the real world, you can press the Escape key again to exit the game, or to back to your bed to sleep at night. You can change the time of day by leaving your room.

Rated 3.8 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
TagsAltgame, artgame, Dreams, Experimental, Exploration, Lo-fi, Surreal, Walking simulator


TDG WIN v1.5.zip 54 MB
TDG MAC v1.5.zip 79 MB


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This was nice! Lovely environments to explore. Is the first one after going to sleep always the desert, though? I got tired of that one.

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Thank you!! Yes, I set that area up to be a hub world, where heading off in different directions results in different kinds of dreams (though they may overlap depending on what dream you end up in)

Ohh, omg I only went in one direction every time, I couldn't find any other paths so I figured it was just the one. Sounds like I missed out on a lot!

to be fair, a lot of the areas loop onto of one another. If I remember correctly the areas are...

  • Urbanized areas or places with a human touch
  • Areas that deal with heights
  • Natural areas
  • Areas that have various influences

Also, there are some corruptions that are left over from an unused meta-narrative where the dreams are constructs created by aliens as they're exploring what makes humans tick. The corruptions are dreams mixed with the interior of the alien ship (I think I only made a medical wing and the docking bay).