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This was nice! Lovely environments to explore. Is the first one after going to sleep always the desert, though? I got tired of that one.

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Thank you!! Yes, I set that area up to be a hub world, where heading off in different directions results in different kinds of dreams (though they may overlap depending on what dream you end up in)

Ohh, omg I only went in one direction every time, I couldn't find any other paths so I figured it was just the one. Sounds like I missed out on a lot!

to be fair, a lot of the areas loop onto of one another. If I remember correctly the areas are...

  • Urbanized areas or places with a human touch
  • Areas that deal with heights
  • Natural areas
  • Areas that have various influences

Also, there are some corruptions that are left over from an unused meta-narrative where the dreams are constructs created by aliens as they're exploring what makes humans tick. The corruptions are dreams mixed with the interior of the alien ship (I think I only made a medical wing and the docking bay).