Smithee Released!

Finally was able to get this out the door. It took a while and a few iterations, but out of the rubble comes...whatever this is.

If the name seems weird, let me explain. I thought it was fitting to name the game after the pseudonym directors used at one point to essentially disown their films, since the game is intentionally terrible/janky and the name suggests that it's not good enough for the title of the initial game project that birthed this mess. If I sound like I'm trashing on my own game, I'm only doing so mostly in jest, because I know how bad it is. Hopefully that's its charm and not a detriment.

So this game began as something else entirely. You can check out a couple of the prototypes here and here. Things happened, the project fell apart, and while learning to use Unity I started working on this as a joke. Trying to see how far I could get making shit up on the fly...and the answer was surprisingly far.

Hopefully it's enjoyable and isn't too broken. Also don't feel bad about muting the sound if you have to. I'm not a professional musician lol.


Smithee - Extra Janky Edition (Windows) 92 MB
Jan 25, 2018
Smithee - Extra Janky Edition (Mac) 99 MB
Jan 25, 2018

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