(Bugfix) Introducing Standard and Extra Janky Editions

So what happened was...

Someone asked about a weird movement mechanic that was in Smithee  they thought I put in intentionally. Really it was a major bug.

The issue was duplicate inputs caused the player to drift if a controller was plugged in. It impeded movement and somehow fit right in with the rest of the game, so they didn't think anything of it.

Because of that, I'm renaming the initial release to Smithee: Extra Janky Edition . 

As a game about broken/bad games , a few bugs and glitches are par for the course. 

I've released a new build with an option to advance or skip text with a click along with fixing that pesky movement bug. This current build and all future builds with be called Smithee: Standard Edition. V1 will allways be the Extra Janky Edition.

However, if you find any more features that need to be added to the Extra Janky Edition, let me know.


Smithee - Standard Edition (Windows) old 92 MB
Jan 27, 2018
Smithee - Standard Edition (Mac) old 99 MB
Jan 27, 2018

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