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Smithee is about terrible ideas coming together to make something (possibly) beautifully broken. 

This was an experiment to try and salvage pieces of old, scrapped games and turn them into something I could release. It was also an experiment create a game with an aimless design direction. By this I mean a game made with no design goals, no direction, and nothing planned beforehand. I wanted to see if it could work and where it would take me. 

The game began as this
Then was reworked into this,
Then finally became the game you are about to download.

The end result is a surrealist/fluxus experience that hearkens back to games like Myst & LSD while commenting on the frustrations of making games. 

You'll journey through apartments, office buildings, house parties, restaurants, and even hidden underground lairs. 

Explore a world/narrative with multiple paths, and uncover the mystery, reaching one of three five(?) four possible endings.

Smithee: Extra Janky Edition includes added frustrations, like:

  • Unskippable text. Time that text remains onscreen varies between 1-2 sec. in various locations.
  • Added movement difficulty if a controller is plugged in. You will fight against the current of an invisible tide wherever you go.
  • Missing Content. Game is presented in its original release format.


WSAD - Move

SPACE - Jump

Left Mouse - Interact/pick up opjects

*NOTE: If you're stuck on a slope or stairs, try jumping. If you don't see a portal, swap the books. 

Unorthodox exploration leads to interesting finds. Don't be afraid to break out of bounds.


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Smithee - Standard Edition (Windows) 110 MB
Smithee - Standard Edition (Mac) 134 MB
Smithee - Extra Janky Edition (Windows) 92 MB
Smithee - Extra Janky Edition (Mac) 99 MB

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looks cool have you made any other games etc 
also no one made a video about game so I don't know if I want to play or not

That moment when I have to go up the spiral staircase the second time.

Oh no! But glad we realized the issue and I'll see what I can do to fix it